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RBSPICE Team Data Use Policies

(Draft 02-06-2013)


For a publication or presentation in which some or all of the data used were produced by the RBSPICE instrument of the Van Allen Probes mission, the following guidelines are encouraged:

  • Notify the RBSPICE Principal Investigator (PI) and RBSPICE Instrument Scientist (IS) of the data use and of the investigation objective(s).

  • Invite to be on the authorship the RBSPICE PI and IS and/or their designate(s).   The PI and IS will know if members of the RBSPICE team are working on similar or related topics and could potentially contribute intellectually.

  • Communicate to the RBSPICE PI (Lou Lanzerotti), the RBSPICE IS (Don Mitchell), and the RBSPICE SOC Lead (Jerry W. Manweiler) a copy of the submitted work and/or a PPT/PDF of the presentation.


Van Allen Probes Mission Instruments


For RBSPICE Team members using data from other instruments of the Van Allen Probes mission, the RBSPICE Team member(s) should


  • Notify the Principal Investigator (PI), or his/her designee(s), of the instrument team that produced the data.  

  • Familiarize oneself with the instrument team’s Data Use Policies

    •    Request of the PI as to whom to potentially include as an intellectual contributor to the research work.

    •     Communicate a copy of the submitted research paper to the instrument PI if that individual is not a co-author of the work.




For all publications that use RBSPICE data, please use the following acknowledgement of research support: 


The RBSPICE instrument was supported by JHU/APL Subcontract No. 937836 to the New Jersey Institute of Technology under NASA Prime Contract No. NAS5-01072.  




*Since official launch
August 30, 2012, 4:05 a.m. EDT


April 24, 2014
Van Allen Probes Achieves Mission Success
On March 26, 2014, NASA declared the Van Allen Probes mission – launched in 2012, and designed to explore and unlock the mysteries of Earth’s radiation belts – an official success.

March 19, 2014
NASA Spacecraft Reveal New "Zebra Stripes" Structure in Earth's Inner Radiation Belt
Scientists have discovered a new, persistent structure in Earth’s inner radiation belt using data from the twin NASA Van Allen Probes spacecraft. Most surprisingly, this structure is produced by the slow rotation of Earth.

March 7, 2014
New NASA Van Allen Probes Observations Helping To Improve Space Weather Models
Using data from the Van Allen Probes, researchers have tested and improved a model to help forecast what's happening in the radiation environment of near-Earth space.


Johns Hopkins/APL built and operates the twin Van Allen Probes spacecraft

Nominal mission duration: 2 years

Orbit: Elliptical orbits transversing Earth's radiation belts, known as the Van Allen Belts

Science payload: 5 instruments conducting related experiments